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Autodialler specialists since 1958
Packs Infotel was established in 1954 and the original patent for the Autodialler was taken out. The following year the first automatic alarm dial out unit in the world was put into production.

The first model of the Autodialler was called the Mk7 this functioned on standard PSTN and PABX networks, this was upgraded by introducing line sensing and was named the MK7 R.D in 1962.

In 1968 the Mk12 was introduced, this introduced the concept of having individual messages for each alarm channel.

In 1973 the Mk12C Autodialler was introduced with the added feature of remote interrogation.

In 1978 the Model 20 was put into production, this Autodialler was a landmark in the company as it was the first digital Autodialler with synthesised speech, all of the previous Auto diallers where analogue and used 8 track tapes to hold the alarm messages.

The Model 20 had a Processor at is core and used EPROM's to hold the details about the alarm channels and the alarm messages. The Model 20 then went over a multitude of changes
in the next 20 years, the unit was upgraded from eight to fifty six channels, synthesised voice messages where upgraded to real speech and then data logging and the remote central station was incorporated into the system.

In 1989 the Mini Model 20 automatic dialler was put into production, this was a cut down version of the Model 20 but still offered all the core features.

1990 saw Packs Infotel diversify more into the security aspect of the industry with the manufacture and installation of alarm systems and CCTV.

The late 1990's where spent designing the next generation of the Autodialler, with great input from our customers, this allowed us to make sure the new Autodialler offered all the functions and features that our customers required.

In 2000 the Model 30 was put into production. The new dialler has an LCD display with a keypad menu system, real speech and remote switching to mention just a few of the features.

Over the course of 10 years the M30 has been further improved and is now in version 4 with both hardware and software features vastly improved.

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