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The M30 Alarm Autodialler is designed for use in industry and commerce where the monitoring of critical conditions is essential.


The M30 is highly flexible and easy to use, with many standard features.

The M30 Alarm Autodialler

With up to 16 inputs/sensors the M30 is ideal for monitoring both environments and business critical equipment.  Each Input can be have its own alarm message, giving clear and concise information to duty personal.


The M30 comes as standard with 4 duty Rosters with each Roster able to hold up to 5 telephone numbers.  Telephone numbers can be any combination of Standard LAN line Telephones, Mobiles (Cells) or Pagers.


The M30 can be called back during dial-out sequences to stop further calls being made and therefore disturbing unnecessarily other duty personal.


With the ability to interrogate the M30 at anytime to get the current status, an easy to read LCD display allowing for Menu based setup of the M30 features, and visual indication of current alarm(s) the M30 is a truly versatile and feature rich Alarm Autodialler.


The M30 also comes with the option of the GSM unit, allowing the M30 to call out without the need of a telephone line.  


Typical Monitoring conditions


High/Low Temperatures, Humidity, Fan Failure, Fire Alarms, Air conditioning, Process Failure, Flare Stack, River/Water Level, Fuel & Gas, and many more.

Some of our customers.


MOD, NHS, BBC, Sara Lee, DERA, Grampian Foods, National Blood Bank

M30 Alarm Autodialler